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    Digital Campaigns


    Digital Expert offers complex marketing services and online advertising promotion in Moldova. We attract potential customers from the Internet and turn them into real customers.

    This transformation is due to the services offered by the Business Expert online agency. Namely:

    • SEO optimization, SEO promotion
    • SMM marketing
    • Promotion videos on Youtube channel
    • Contextual advertising in Google
    • Email marketing campaigns
    •  Advertising banners and other online marketing services.

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    Specialist of department DIGITAL


    01Web site. Web Development

    Competitor analysis

    Elaboration of the site structure

    Creating the design

    Preparation of promotional texts

    Code programming

    Creating the visual


    Suitable for all types of gadgets

    Start up

    Website maintenance and administration

    Your Advantages: A secure web development that will create an efficient resource, not only for online company representation, but also for effective sales!

    from 1250 €

    Development of the Site (site, online store, landing page)
    Development of Digital strategy

    02Digital marketing

    Search traffic analysis

    Determining the target segment

    Creating the digital plan

    Forecasting and evaluating effectiveness

    Competition analysis in the digital environment

    Your Advantages: By using an online marketing agency, you benefit from a well-designed, transparent and high-performance digital strategy necessary to make sound decisions and to respond quickly to market changes in the internet marketing process.

    from 1000 €

    03SMM SMM

    Target audience and competition analysis

    Develop a content strategy and plan

    Forecast of audience capture and number of visits

    Forecast of visitors attracted

    Increased loyalty and recognition

    Sales forecast

    Your Advantages: Promoting on social networks offers many advantages to the brand. The SMM achieves wide coverage of the target audience, reduced cost of contact with the advertising, feedback from the target audience, rapid reaction to advertising, brand recognition and image enhancement.

    from 500 €/month

    Google AdWords and Yandex Direct

    04Google AdWords and Yandex Direct

    Launch online campaigns in just 24 hours

    Launch AdWords campaigns

    Evaluation of online advertising campaigns

    Increased site traffic

    The cost of attracting customers

    Your Advantages: An efficient resource capable of generating a positive attitude and a relevant desire for cooperation!

    from 300 €

    05SEO optimization

    Full site audit

    Technical modification of the site

    SEO content optimization

    Internal optimization

    External optimization


    Website promotion through behavioral factors

    Performance evaluation and promotion process setting

    Your Advantages: Benefit from seo services, which ensure effective visibility in search engines, attract the target segment and broaden your customer base, increasing sales suggestively.

    from 349 €/month

    E-mail marketing

    06E-mail marketing

    Development of the use strategy

    Targeting electronic messages

    Forecasting audience capture and number of visits

    Forecast of visitors attracted

    Increased loyalty and recognition

    Your advantages: Thanks to the e-mail marketing service, long-term relationships with existing and potential customers are guaranteed through e-mail.

    from 200 €

    07SMS sending

    Ability to send SMS with reception and guaranteed performance!

    93% of the recipients read the SMS newsletter in the first minute after receiving it!

    SMS contact with customers is ten times cheaper than through other channels!

    Your Advantages: Sending a newsletter via SMS to a segmented target audience allows you to notify customers of your company's latest offers, promotions and updates, and to attract a new target audience.

    from 150 €

    SMS sending

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