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    Business Processes


    „Business Expert” is a marketing agency specialized in marketing consulting, CRM implementation, business plan development, sales development and growth.

    Are you looking for an efficient management system for your business? You’ve come to the right place!

    We offer effective solutions for businesses facing difficulties such as:

    • Lack of systematized business plan
    • Lack of competition analysis, marketing mix analysis, market analysis
    • Lack of staff motivation
    • Lack of business process management
    • Lack of a defined development strategy
    • Lack of KPI marketing and customer database
    • Lack of marketing analysis and sales plan
    • Zero knowledge about possible profit or profitability
    • Zero knowledge of the right way and place for business development

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    Head of department CONSULTING



    Product, which decides many key issues in the company, such as:

    Staff integration and training

    The turnover of the staff

    Reduction of defective products

    Reducing the quality of service

    Lack of involvement

    Lack of discipline and systematization

    Your advantages: "Welcome Book" - this is all the information that is applied or needed in the company! You will receive a comprehensive reference manual that will allow employees not to make mistakes and not to waste valuable time looking for the necessary information.

    from 1000 €

    Sales book
    System work of your business


    Elaboration and implementation of job descriptions and business processes

    Development of KPI

    Implementation of the KPI system in the enterprise

    Staff hiring and training

    Sales plan for staff

    Marketing analysis

    Sales scripts

    Business plan

    Your Advantages: The whole team works on the implementation of the plan, according to the approved regulations. Sales conversion increases by 50%.

    from 400 €


    Figures, facts, sum, analysis of marketing activity, analysis of competitors and other indicators will allow you to develop an effective marketing strategy to promote the brand or product on the market.
    Our service will allow you to understand:

    what your competitors are selling

    where I sell

    how much I sell

    how to sell

    which channel is the most effective

    best selling product and others

    Your advantages: This analysis will allow you to clearly define your strategy, tactics and effectively apply your development budget, or may stop you from investing in a potential direction.

    from 1000 €

    Market Analysis
    Development of the business plan


    Market analysis and global trends

    The competition's analysis

    Developing a business plan in accordance with the economic indicators

    Business consulting with the elaboration of the sales forecast and the profit

    Your advantages: Minimum risks, marketing consulting, calculation of project repayment, investments only in a business plan.

    from 1 500 €

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